Work: tomorrow launch of social benefit 64 thousand beneficiaries
[Where - Baghdad]
The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, said on Wednesday it will launch on Thursday , the latest accessory for the fourth installment for 2015.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem , in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of " The ministry will launch the latest extension of the subsidy of social protection within the fourth installment , which includes 64 thousand beneficiaries of women and men and that after updating the data and addresses of the beneficiaries and the absence of the reasons for the suspension in Baghdad and the provinces. "
He added that" the number of those who will be fired subsidy for them amounted to 63 thousand and 889 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, of whom 9687 men category, 50 thousand and 202 women category, "he said , " who fired them subsidy are those who happened statements have been completed ministry their actions with respect to audit tax and settling accounts and change the address operations. "
He said Menem said" social protection body and through the efforts of all staff and employees worked to overcome the problems and obstacles to ensure no delays in the launch of amounts installment of the beneficiaries while continuing at the same time update the other beneficiaries information , " He pointed to "give priority to the displaced from the hot provinces."
The Labour Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani the face of the need to complete the data on Bmstvide modernization of social protection in order to launch a special subsidy amounts within the final supplement to boost fourth.