Tamimi: central policy of selling dollar reserves the Bank corrupt and serving 50 billion

Tamimi: central policy of selling dollar reserves the Bank corrupt and serving 50 billion
March 8, 2016 9:52 pm
Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee described majda Al-Tamimi, the Iraqi Central Bank policy in mzadah to sell as "serving". As far as.
Altmimivi said the authorization followed underground news agency that "the oil imports go to auction currency for the Central Bank, which sells more and continue this policy but the winner is a service of the corrupt."
"The Finance Committee intends to host the Central Bank Governor [agency] on relations with others to discuss this subject."
Tamimi recalled that the Committee had put to the Governor in a previous encounter with him several questions, including those who bought the dollar traders assumed that introduces products with the same amount that he bought from the auction currency but what safeguards so that [the dealer] may sell the dollar to others or maybe imported goods is less than the quantity purchased from the currency ".
"We also asked the Bank to report a vision on how to control this topic because traders bring false invoices for goods which are entered in the actual imported or not less than the amount."
Tamimi called that "the amount of Central Bank dollar reserves in the last digit Bank informed us that the 59 billion dollars but I don't think it's true and is illogical because there is continuing sales of the Bank and my view is that this figure is inaccurate and probably is at the beginning of the fifty billion dollars.
And the statistic to the CBI reported the sale of the Bank's 2.5 billion dollars during the month of February the second collateral more than 800 million dollars last January, which sold the Bank more than $ 3.3 billion.
And recently the Central auction sales registered a decline is minimal since months since several days does not exceed the 100 million dollars compared to the previous months even after the financial crisis that began with falling oil prices in July 2014 were ranging between 225 to 300 million dollars, and sometimes more.
And raised suspicions of corruption and money laundering through auction, the Central Bank announced, specialized correctional court integrity issues, economic crime and money laundering, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and pecuniary right bank officials and the North after being convicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, the banner earlier in the presence of 20 accused in these cases some degree of Chairman. http://www.microsofttranslator.com/b...%2F288085.html