A working group looking crisis management and financial stability

3/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning

Search of work and financial stability in the Arab States team at the third meeting him several issues , most notably the context of crisis management, and the interaction between prudential policy and macro - economic policies, and the development of early warning indicators, in addition to production of the regional annual report on financial stability in the Arab countries.

Stems team board of Governors of central banks and institutions of Arab criticism, and its membership includes financial stability departments managers at those banks and institutions, in addition to the Arab Monetary Fund, who is the technical Secretariat of him.

According to a statement of the Arab Monetary Fund , seen by the «morning« was decided at the meeting, which was held recently in the city of Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates, the follow - up issues related to the implications of the recent actions of global correspondent banks in terms of re - evaluation of risk (De-risking), and the impact on Arab banks.

And hear team members to offer by the international Monetary Fund addresses associated with the subject «framework crises and systems issues early warning ».

Action Group aims in general to contribute to the development of policies and tools relating to the promotion of financial stability in the Arab countries, and the exchange of expertise and experience in the field , including policies and procedures relating to the promotion of financial stability. It also works on the preparation of papers and studies on financial stability in the Arab countries and areas related conditions, as well as contribute to the promotion of awareness of financial stability issues through seminars, workshops and issue periodic reports about them.