President concludes visit to Egypt and return to Iraq

President Fuad Masum returned Tuesday evening to the homeland from Cairo after an official visit to Egypt during which he held meetings with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and senior Egyptian figures took inaugurated a distinct phase in the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.
The President was received officially infallible rapturous welcome by Sisi president upon his arrival at the Federal Palace in Cairo, and put garlands of flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the tombs of the late Egyptian presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat.
As was received by the head of the Egyptian Parliament Ali Abdel Aal and a large Egyptian parliamentary delegation also included representatives of the political blocs, followed by an important visit to the headquarters of Al-Azhar, where he met Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb.
He also met with President of the Republic of Pope Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark, the papal headquarters in Cairo, as received at his headquarters in the Egyptian capital, secretary general of the Arab League, Nabil Elaraby.
Utilities included President of the Republic delegation during the visit of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan and National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayad, as well as a number of advisors and experts.