A slight decline in world oil prices

World oil prices fell slightly in trading on Wednesday.
The total price of US crude futures to $ 36.63 a barrel by 11:18 Moscow time, an increase of 13 cents or 0.36% from the previous settlement price and up 40% from its lowest level in 2016, which hit in February.
The price of global crude measurement combination "Brent" to $ 39.84 a barrel, up 19 cents or 0.48% from its lowest level in 2016 reached in January.
The price of oil has jumped earlier this week, where the combination "Brent" above $ 40 a barrel during trading on Monday, for the first time since the beginning of this year.
Analysts see the decline in US production provides support to the market, but fears of a slowdown in demand and the current glut in production and inventory global Tqlassan chances of gains higher prices.
Moreover opportunities freeze production levels are related to coordination between producers to stop growing oversupply, which more than a million barrels a day over the volume of consumption, at a time when Kuwait said a member of the organization "OPEC" She will not commit to a freeze unless attended by all the major producers including including Iran.
Among the key factors that affect the balance of the US production market, which the government predicted that up to 8.19 million barrels per day in 2017, down from more than 9 million barrels per day currently.
Also expects US Department of Energy, the shale oil production declines in the fields the largest US oil-producing and gas regions in the April / May by 106 thousand barrels compared with the current month, ie to the level of 4.871 million barrels per day.
It is expected the new data on US production release later on Wednesday.