A kartoza batch of loans between the unemployed graduates

March 9, 2016

Nazareth: activating the role of the labour market

Dhi Qar - as the stapes
Distributed Dhi Qar province, a new batch of soft loans for the unemployed and graduates within the program of soft loans and a strategy to combat poverty, while confirming that the loans included 100 unemployed graduates and with the continued granting of soft loans for the unemployed within the subsequent batches. The governor said Yahia Nasseri in a statement received (time) yesterday in a speech during a ceremony hosted by the work of maintaining the Department for the distribution of loans and in the presence of Vice-President of the Provincial Council Tohme Asadi that (the province started distributing a hundred loan within the program of soft loans and a strategy to combat poverty under which the distribution of 12 batch of loans soft so far). He added that the (distribution of 100 loans for the unemployed and graduates will open new horizons for the work covered by loans and grants them the opportunity to activate their role in the labor market and enable them to face the repercussions of the current financial crisis). Stressing (supporting conservative segment of young people, especially graduates of them to be able to employ their abilities and their energies and their skills and talents in building society). He called the Nazarene (the decision-makers in the Iraqi state to expand the circle of soft loans and facilitate procedures to include more of the unemployed and enable them to establish projects that are commensurate with their abilities and aspirations). He pointed out that (the provision of jobs for the unemployed and graduates are not limited significance on economic development alone, but is gaining great importance to the consolidation of social stability and protect the community from delinquency and crime) Stressing (the importance of supporting the private sector by the departments concerned to play its role in providing more opportunities work) The statement quoted the Director of the work of the province Department Jamil Jabbar Bjay saying that (batch income-generating projects that have been distributed today includes 100 loans to set up small income-generating projects), adding that loans (each loan value ranging from 5 to 10 million dinars, according to the size and nature of the project) .msheera that (section had previously distributed the 12 batch of loans included about 2482 loan to set up small businesses in the craft, industrial and commercial areas, such as barber and blacksmith shops and food and ovens Samun and others and by 1121 a loan under the poverty Reduction and 1361 strategy loans within the loan) Fund.