Responsible captured ration agencies in Dhi Qar engaging in bribery


Dhi Qar / JD / .. Ministry of Commerce announced the arrest of responsible agencies and self-Supply Center in Dhi Qar engaging in bribery by detachments of the Integrity Commission and after cooperation with citizens.
The Minister of Trade Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the arrest of the employee mentioned was due to abuse of bribery and cooperation of citizens in reporting to the integrity department in the province, which laid an ambush her and Msktha delicto They receive $ 1,000, he underlined that the operation It comes in the framework of the fight against financial and administrative corruption efforts and is also of great fruits of the reforms taking place in the ministry as well as the contribution of a serious of Iraqi citizens in the detection of corruption cases and give information to regulatory agencies, whether belonging to the integrity Commission or other departments facing financial and administrative corruption.
He added that the ministry Xiaa appreciates the considerable effort shown by the devices of the Integrity Commission and the regulatory departments of the Inspector General's Office in monitoring violations and determine the hotbeds of crime-related wasting public money or to encroach upon the powers.
He added that everyone today demands to disclose corrupt and report them by giving information or to report the phenomena of bribery or corruption that is still some weak souls they practice because of a defect aspects of the moral, educational, and we are going to confront them through the procedures and follow-ups as well as inviting citizens to report such cases, being a partner mainly in the face of corruption and the corrupt minister it was Xiaa may face honoring and rewarding citizens who have cooperated with integrity devices in the arrest of the employee involved bribery / End / 22 /