Central Bank replaced the coin 50 thousand to avoid inflation 2016-03-09

Baghdad the balance of news

Notification of the Central Bank, disclosed Wednesday, replacing the 50,000 currency other currencies to avoid inflation.

Referred to as the Central Bank confirmed earlier that the version of 50,000 dinars will be accompanied by the withdrawal of any other category of trading, indicating that the version of this class or any other class does not affect inflation and deflation.

Acer said Jabbar/balance of news, "the Central Bank unable to put large amounts of the 50,000 dinars on the market as that put forward depends on monetary policy to the process of Forex trading so that further put forward will increase inflation in the market."
He added that "the Central Bank work on replacing the currency in other currencies to prevent inflation", stating that "the process of currency trading you need a long period of time."

The Central Bank also revealed earlier that the Reserve Bank between $ 57-$ 61 billion, as the Bank confirmed cannot lend the Government Treasury or reserve. ended 29