Abbadi regain real estate green zone from the hands of senior officials 2016/06/09
Parliamentary sources revealed Wednesday, issuing orders to restore properties Abadi green zone granted by his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki for a number of influential politicians and cronies.

Sources for "tomorrow", that "many houses and condominiums were seized by a number of MPs, Ministers and undersecretaries directors add to advisers and staff in the three presidencies.

The sources said that "a number of Al-Abbadi to find exits to restore real estate region", adding that "all of the bonds got paid a large part of the amount set by the previous Government."

Sources from within the Parliament, Tuesday, questioning several parliamentary committees, Mahdi Al-allaq, Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, in secret session, issuing a written violation of Iraqi laws and decisions, including those concerning State property, subtract the salaries of MPs and staff for the second half of last year.