Abadi: implementation of reforms is not to impose the policy of fait accompli and destabilize the security of the capital and other provinces

2016/03/09 19:24


The Prime Minister refused Wednesday to allow "armed" appearances outside the State and threatening the security of the citizen, and to not permitting bypass checkpoints and gunmen, stressed that reforms are not "impose a fait accompli" and destabilize the security in Baghdad.

He said Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi's speech to the Iraqi people and seen by (range), that "serious challenges and tasks, the implementation of reforms must be cooperation and not through imposition of fait ALO located and destabilize our beloved capital Baghdad and the security of the rest of the provinces."

Abbadi said that "this matter is unacceptable and will not allow absolute and we live under the threat of terrorism and the criminal and the remnants of his regime who never miss an opportunity and use of shuffling add to their attempts to revive sectarian strife over the attacks and bombings which killed hundreds of innocent civilians in mosques, markets and public places."

He said Al-Abbadi "as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, primarily responsible for the security of the citizen could not let start armed appearances outside the State and threaten the security of citizens and bypass checkpoints and gunmen, and the duty to take measures to prevent it and maintain that security effort should be directed against terrorism, that doesn't waste here or there."

He vowed Al-Abbadi of the people by "political and economic reforms that they yearn for it, and we renew our appeal to all of you and with unity and cooperation and responsibility towards Iraq, security and interests of his people", stating that "at every turn by our sensitive Aziz have wisdom to maximum levels, and wisdom is not vulnerable as some fancy and errs in its accounts but appreciation and high sense of responsibility and accurate calculation and read Matt's has the results and give priority to the best interests of the country".