Trade transmit more than 400 companies in violation of the forensic investigator and recorded 21 offices of foreign companies during February

03/09/2016 12:18

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Ministry of Commerce, on Wednesday, on the completion of the establishment of 167 national company transactions, and while confirming registration of 21 offices of foreign companies, referred to the referral of more than 400 companies for the forensic investigator for violating the guidelines and instructions during the month of February.

The Director General of the Department of Registration of companies in the Ministry of Commerce Ferial Akram Abdullah, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "Angels Chamber issued a number of decisions concerning the amendment of contracts for companies distributed between the capital increase and the integration of the accounts of the company and the liquidation of an accounting firm," asserting that "the circle It recorded 21 representative offices of foreign companies and branches of foreign company. "

Abdullah added that "the Angels completed documenting the 167 companies registered and pointing lecturer and forwarding (403) companies to Investigating Judge for violating the guidelines and instructions," pointing out that "the department examined the final accounts of the number of national companies (1486) and the national company as well as the integration of the accounts of 34 companies The capital increase (29) company. "

The Director General of the department to "filter ninth company accounts and modify hold a joint stock company and the study of the accounts of the offices and branches of foreign companies, covers 26 companies," indicating that, circle "the ratification of the minutes of the founding meetings of companies limited during the period from 1 to Day 29 of February 2016, and of the number 156 the minutes in addition to the ratification of a record of 62 special meetings of the General Authority for joint stock companies. "

It is said that the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday (11 February 2016), granting licenses for the establishment of 162 foreign and national companies during the month of January last, as revealed on the transfer of 320 company to the Investigating Judge for violating the guidelines and instructions, examined the final accounts for nearly 500 companies confirmed.