Looking with the Ambassador of Serbia Serbian possibility of using the expertise in the development of Iraqi industry

Dated: 03/09/2016 Wednesday 7:21

Follow-up / Iraq today
Search Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji during a meeting with Serbian Ambassador Radisav Petrovig ways of enhancing joint cooperation between the two countries in all fields of industry and the possibility of benefiting from the Serbian expertise to the advancement of the industrial reality of Iraq.
The minister stressed during the meeting the desire of the ministry and its eagerness to enter into contracts and investment successful with the Serbian side of partnership agreements in order to serve the interests of the parties, pointing out: "draws the Iraqi government and the ministry about the revival of military industries in Iraq and the need to use foreign expertise and polarization to achieve the goals set out in this regard," asserting that "the willingness of the Iraqi government and the ministry to provide all the necessary facilities for Serbian companies wishing to work in Iraq and invest in and contribute to the development of the industrial base." For his part, the Serbian ambassador to his country's readiness to support Iraq and the establishment of a special relationship with him in various fields, expressing his hope that contribute to this visit in the development of joint action and opening up new prospects for future cooperation between the two countries, stressing the "importance of continuing the meetings and discussions and exchange of views between the Serbian companies Iraqi counterparts in order to exchange experiences and to participate in the rehabilitation and operation of existing and future industrial projects, especially regarding military industries. "