Rasheed Bank: We have a financial cap covers the salaries of retirees

Dated: 03/09/2016 Wednesday 7:26

Follow-up / Iraq today
Rasheed of the Ministry of Finance confirmed the bank, with the necessary financial cover provides for the disbursement of pensions, and while pointing to Follow Your Passion received instruments, he stressed that the information that speak otherwise, "baseless."
The bank said in a statement received "Iraq today," a copy of it, "we have enough cover for the disbursement of pensions," he said, adding that "the public pension body liberation instruments retirees and statements of the bank Rafidain and Rasheed, and is contacted banks by the competent authority for the purpose of receiving and payment to beneficiaries." He added the bank he was "keen to follow up on receipt and exchange until late at night and on the same day in cooperation with the Commission taking into account the need for retirees to their salaries," stressing that "the statements that reported not to provide financial cover untrue, nothing to do with the Rasheed Bank by" .ccant Rivers attributed the bank, Sunday (March 6, 2016), the reason for non-payment of military pensions to delay retirement Authority to provide financial cover to the Rasheed Bank, as announced to the Security and defense Committee in Parliament, all hosted by the President of the retirement body to discuss the delay in the launch of military pensions, and noted the presence of "defect" Bank Rivers caused by delaying the launch of salaries