Secrets of Karbala meeting: "patience" Abadi and "escalation" Sadr and "dependency" wise and "silence" Keywords

03/09/2016 15:47

BAGHDAD / obelisk: private for "obelisk" backstage details sources revealed(So this could a compete fairy tale - LOOP) what took place in Karbala, a meeting which was attended by members of the "National Alliance", which was held Sunday, 06 March 2016 in Karbala, to support Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi plan to carry out a cabinet reshuffle and the fight against corruption .

The source, who has closely followed the details of the meeting since the arrival of the members present at the meeting place, the leader of the Sadrist movement, arrived on the scene "tense", grimacing from his eyebrows, and crossed his face for unfriendly signals toward the assembled, who are in a stupor in front of superiority language that talking to them Sadr, the style "dictations" in which he talked with them.

According to the source, try to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, absorb the sharp behavior of the leader of the Sadrist movement and attempts to curb the differences that prevent the success of the meeting.

When al-Sadr began to talk, he launched signals to collectively as indicating a "political contempt," and "differentiation" on them, warning them of "implicit" as "sole" from among the members of the National Alliance, which has links with religious authority Ali al-Sistani, who showed more than once through his representative in Friday sermons expressed his dissatisfaction with the government's performance.

Asked face and chest to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, he said: What did you do with regard to reforms?

He answered in a way Abadi understands Mirum him chest, trying to reach the quaint Fhm guarantees to avoid a clash: I am preoccupied with reform measures, and the formation of the government.

Sadr did not accept this speech, he responded to Abadi: We have not seen anything concrete commendable, did nothing, and your actions "bad", and did not take our word to rely on the Commission technocrats that we formed for the purpose of choosing a ministerial team with efficiency.

But Ebadi replied, seeking to persuade him: I want to form an independent government of non-political parties and blocs, in an effort to contain the agenda of escalation waved by both the cleric and head of the Supreme Islamic Council.

But this trend in an interview with al-Abadi, push Hakim to ask him to resign from the Dawa Party, saying to him: So, you have to resign from the Dawa Party, and form an independent government that we all seek.

But al-Abadi, did not reject the offer in an attempt to "accommodate" the agenda of the meeting foil, the conditions imposed by both al-Hakim and al-Sadr that, Laird: I'll think in ordered to resign from the Dawa Party.

But the leader of the Dawa Party, on the Keywords, intervention in the modern, noting -dmna- to dissatisfaction on the chest conditions and wise, to say: Abadi would not resign from the Dawa Party.

In the midst of this controversy, which seemed "Bezntinia" useless and infinity, Muqtada al-Sadr stepped up his rhetoric, to say to the audience and meaning in particular the members of the Dawa Party: They are all thieves (thieves), all of whom are involved in bearing the brunt of the blood of al-Sadr.

He turned to the chest Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, reproachfully him after he saw catcher with his pen, and busily take notes in the paper: Why register ?, Why do you write?

He said his dialect vernacular: Do you want to talk hours straight again, and "Taatvelsv" our heads, not ashamed to "Hapetk" When I accepted the post of foreign minister, I was the head of government.

As such controversy, the meeting split into two teams, Team purports escalation improvisational ways, setting impossible conditions, between the front and led Abadi lead a mature dialogue, accommodates "revolutionary" al-Sadr and Hakim blurry positions.

It has become clear that the dialogue has been felt by all, and that the escalation of Muqtada al-Sadr, making consensus and agreement points fade, as seemed Ammar al-Hakim and as subject against his will to the will of the chest, and was on the rest of the audience heads, birds, after are now under the influence of shock sharp escalation of the chest , which concluded the meeting by saying under threat: the demonstrations will continue, and if you do not find a solution it will burst into the green on April 9.

And the ninth of April 2003 is the date on which the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime fell.

Sadr appeared more determined to implement his threats, saying: I have full readiness to carry out the raid plan.

And so close to realism in his threats, al-Sadr costs, Ammar al-Hakim conveyed a message to the US Embassy that "nothing to do with us if you did not meddle in Iraqi affairs."

They claimed that the meeting was a "failure" par excellence, despite the statement was issued, while the prime minister and the rest of the audience seemed particularly by members of the Dawa Party, defenders of their program, before the escalation of the chest, not the attackers, and it seemed as if they had accepted the "excesses" Sadr reluctantly, it which angered the rest of the members of the Dawa Party, who accused al-Abadi not tell them to meet, and take on the Keywords only, to such an important meeting.

He concluded his speech by threatening chest colloquial dialect: if there is no implementation of reforms and attempted to form a government, there will be "Hla", an Iraqi single rolling, mean elimination and eradication.

He said al-Sadr: but after the ninth of April, there will be "Hla gouge."

The observers, have made it clear for "obelisk" that an invasion like this, who calls him the leader of the Sadrist movement, do not expect to be in control of it, no matter how keen the Sadrist movement on it, and therefore, reassure foreign embassies will not resonate to it, which is accustomed to dealing with Facts facts and what is happening on the ground, not with what it calls the data words.

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, admitted there were fears among the Arab and international diplomatic missions and embassies of the invasion of the Green Zone, "according to the statement to the ears."

He admitted al-Sadr in his statement Tuesday, 08 March, 2016 that the US and British embassies, "they either remain silent or to withdraw from that region, and in the case of their involvement in any kind of military intervention or intelligence or even media Fsnjolhm of corrupt and we have no option."