Peshmerga kill 170 of Daash near Mosul

Two members of the Peshmerga during clashes with Daash- archive


It killed 170 element of the organization of the Islamic state Daash, most of them foreigners, during the various attacks on the sites for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces north of Mosul in Iraq over the past few days.

The commander of the Ministry of Peshmerga Ziraban forces in Kurdistan Aziz Souissi, said that the broad attack by Daash days ago on the Kurdish units sites took part in it, "the quality of forces" of the organization had assembled in the villages of the farm and the state and Tash near Mosul.

He added at a press conference Tuesday that the elements of the organization divested a large number of armored cars, artillery and Katyusha 105 guns and other weapons during the attack on a military compound, before the Peshmerga forces able to address them and expel them from the region.

He explained Souissi On the other hand, that the role of the international coalition aircraft in repelling Daash was great, adding, "It is true that the Peshmerga forces have destroyed an armored bomb, but the defense points and the background to Daash destroyed by the aircraft."