Parliamentary Finance: customs tariff active sales territory on the recession, the central and southern Account
March 8, 2016

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the mechanism used in the customs fee "ill-considered" complete and marred by "corruption" revealing its intention to host the officials of the Customs Authority to determine the reasons "floundering" their work and lack of customs duties in the northern port application. Pointing to the customs tariff created for active sales in the recession of the Kurdistan account in the central and southern regions outlets

A member of the Commission, Majida al-Tamimi, said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy News that "the Commission opposes the mechanism used in the application of the tariff law because they are not well thought out," noting that "the Commission has received a lot of complaints about the application of the tariff law as well as observations of the media about. "

She added that "the Commission will host next week, officials of the Customs Authority, to know the mechanism used in the reasons for the confusion quotient corruption collection of fees", surprising the "non-application of the tariff only in the southern ports affected by the puppies, while not apply in the northern ports in the Kurdistan region ".

She explained Tamimi, that "sales of movement in the region has caused a recession in southern Iraq account," asserting that "the work of checkpoints that have been developed in North Entrances, much of the corruption is."