Infallible: the Arabs would welcome military advisers

President Fuad Masum, who is currently visiting Egypt, said that Iraq would welcome Arab countries to send military advisers. "
Masum said in the exclusive interview Russian news agency [Novosti], that "if the Arab countries provided consultants, we have no objection, and not in our interest to cut ties with the Arab countries, but the ties were severed, and we took the initiative to return."
The infallible "There are also consultants from Russia and other nations and we welcome them," he said. "We all benefit from the experience of others, so that Turkey, despite its presence in some areas of Iraq have advisers."
The president of the republic, "We have identified our position formerly of Turkish penetrations to the Iraqi border and we are in difficult circumstances and must not increase from our problems."
He pointed out that "Iran does not put pressure on the administration of Iraq in his leadership despite the fact that there is an Iranian by Iranian advisers to fight Daash, as there are advisers of the international coalition."