Abadi: going to hit the top of the heads of state corruption

Posted 08/03/2016 06:23 PM
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Mashreq - the news section:
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the importance of opening the files of corruption by judges of integrity in spite of the great pressure they face, calling for the resolution of the files opened quickly. He said during his meeting with a number of judges of integrity that corruption and the capital base is necessary to eliminate corruption and its leaders. He pointed out the importance of cooperation between the executive, judicial and legislative authorities to eliminate corruption and it is important that there will be big heads of corruption behind bars. He stressed the importance of preventing corruption from reaching the control devices, which have to hit them with a strong hand against corruption, adding that some people want that all hell breaks loose and the law of the jungle prevails. He said «we will succeed in our mission and we will work according to the law and we must focus on the law and law enforcement without fear of one.» And at the same level Abadi said while chairing a meeting of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption that his government will be able to eliminate corrupt. He said «You should not fear them and we start the top of the head of the corruption in the state regardless of his position or his party, calling for a real revolution against corruption and grand opening files of corruption».