Urgent source at the Ministry of Electricity: full amortization of electricity in Iraq

An official source at the Ministry of Electricity announced the full amortization of the electricity in the whole of Iraq.
The source told all of Iraq [where] he was "not yet know the reasons for this interruption, but work is underway to restore the power."
It was not immediately known if this drop include the Kurdistan region.
The electricity distribution Directorate of Dhi Qar, today announced that a breakdown in the national system of electricity caused a complete interruption of energy in cities across the province.
According to Director of Information in the circuit Hossam Maaleh in a press statement, he said power witnessed in the province at about one and a half hour of the afternoon was interrupted because of the national system is fully out of work. "
He said the distribution of the Directorate is not aware of until now the reasons extinguish the national system, which is awaiting clarification from the ministry for the cause of the fire and the date of reemployment. "