Sadr reassure the diplomatic missions in the green of demonstrations

Reassured cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's diplomatic missions in the Green Zone of demonstrations in front of the gates of the region.

He sent al-Sadr a message of reassurance and peace to Aldblomsah missions, saying it "would not be any longer, but they shall any longer they would be an infringement on us," he said. "Overhearing overheard the diplomatic missions and embassies of Arab and international all intercepted some of the fears of the invasion of the peoples of the Green Zone."
And those who here has become necessary for us to send them the whole especially is occupied them a message of reassurance and peace that we do not commit aggression on our guests never. "
He said al-Sadr if the people wanted to enter the green, there will be longer on them, and that they no longer would be an infringement and we reject it flatly and categorically. "
He pointed out that "The embassies of the occupier [Britain and America] has sent them a letter on my recent speech that the silence or the withdrawal from that region, and in the case of the military interfering or intelligence, or the press would be so what makes them corrupt and the option has not us."
Sadr called on the people to protect the embassies of the countries of the world in Iraq, including the "occupied" the embassy said, adding, "Wait for us another resolution at the last time after you see the silence or passive intervention and be on as much responsibility for Teksoa albedo and beautiful picture of the world," and warned that he would not be allowed to encroach on them because " It is ugly and uncivilized at all.
The popular demonstrations took place last Friday in front of the gates of the Green Zone against corruption and demand the implementation of the reforms called her Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr, who stressed in a speech to the demonstrators Bslmah demonstrations and the formation of a government of technocrats.