Oil prices jump above $ 40

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Global oil markets jumped more than 5% the day before yesterday with the registration of Brent peak for 2016 above $ 40 a Brmel.othdd settlement price for crude International benchmark Brent at the end of trading on Monday to $ 2.12 higher at 40.84 Dolar.ooglq US crude up $ 1.98 to $ 37.90 for Brmel.obdot wave has been going on for several weeks the current climb after Russia and the Organization of the Petroleum exporting countries {raised OPEC} idea to freeze production at January last level to support prices in the oversupplied market for a year or half a year on Aloql.ovi the same context, Minister Foreign Ecuadorian government will host a meeting in Quito on Friday attended by Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico "to reach a consensus regarding oil prices and the volume of production". As experts say that one of the reasons for high prices due to the continuous decline eighth consecutive week in oil production in the United States. Have official data showed falling US oil production to its lowest level since November 2014, by reaching to almost 9 million barrels per day Aluahd.ouhsalt prices also support data from the shrinking number of oil rigs in the United States for the week of 12 shows in a row.