Iraqi Finance Forum in Beirut to achieve its objectives

3/9/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - A follow-up -hasin Tgb
Concluded in the capital Beirut on Saturday of the World Conference and Exhibition on third for the financial and banking services in Iraq and carry the slogan «banking sector gate of financial inclusion and a pillar of sustainable development» under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq in cooperation with the Central Bank of Lebanon, the aim of the infrastructure of the banks and financial institutions to develop.

Speaking Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords During his speech at the Forum on great opportunities to diversify Alhadhalantegeh offered by the application of this approach, pointing out that commodity production contribution of the total output amounting to 16 percent only, which means that there is ample room for the growth of agriculture and industry, pointing to the approaching Iraq to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of wheat, while imports millions of tons annually Keywords and said that the banking sector an important role in supporting growth and reduce unemployment in Iraq, through the financing of various sectors and expand the purchasing power of citizens.

Salman al-Jumaili, Minister of Planning said that the orientation private Nhawwalqtaa, requires the creation of «attractive investment environment» for foreign capital, and rehabilitation of state-owned companies, and converted to private companies profitable, and the adoption of the partnership (between the public and private sectors) and their subdivisions, such as with funding projects forward, any funding deficit, and programs to support small and medium enterprises.

Between the Head of Private Banking Association meek Handal that the conference attracted many Arab economic and financial figures, pointing out that the banks can contribute to the treatment of problems such as unemployment and poverty by financing projects of all kinds and create jobs for young people, noting that the Conference of the Central Bank and the competent authorities demanded the application of financial inclusion, and the formation of a committee to develop the financial, monetary and banking system of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance and experts.

The representative of the Lebanese banks Joseph Tarabay may occur at the opening of the conference on the prospects for the exchange of experiences between the Lebanese and Iraqi banks, as well as the possibility of the first contribution in the modernization of the banking system in Iraq, a special mention «extremism» in the application comply with US laws relating to »the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing policy », and he expressed the hope that the banks play a fundamental role in the reconstruction.

As Tariq Ali, executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks have pointed to the presence of the private and government agencies involved in this conference sector and direct meeting with Arab and foreign counterparts contribute to addressing many of the problems and nearly views between all parties.