Karbala meeting

March 8, 2016

As stated in the news the day before yesterday, that the National Alliance leaders met in the city of Karbala, in the presence of the prime minister, horses to us, we who are always on our intentions, they may this time Determined to is important as a great benefit for Iraq and a great benefit to the Iraqi people, and they chose to Ataahdoa and Ataakedoa it, the way the ancestors, in the presence of Imams Hussein and Abbas, who is keen these leaders always portray themselves as they Ibekonhma or bashing their chests for their sake on Ashoa and others.

Each surface with imagination to the extent that perception of him that the statement will be issued from the meeting will carry the recognition of mistakes (we do not say sins so as not to Ngerh feelings thin!) That these leaders and their parties committed to the right audience (Shiite) first and the right pan Iraqis, and the responsibility for the bulk of the general devastation that ended their rule extended to him the experience of more than ten years, and furnished the way hundreds of billions of dollars that flew and did not have an impact plume size. But bolted imagination one more to think that the statement will be announced reform package beyond the package pledged by the government seven months ago , details, and Zayed by the House of Representatives and other package before bouncing and turning on his pledge and vowed the government in Ann ..!

Statement from Karbala meeting did not come close to any distance from these suspicions and perceptions , even on the way "to peace keeping one eye and eyebrow" for a good male Hudhairi Abu Aziz ..! It did not contain any useful inter check people even minimum demands. The statement in its entirety and detailed reflects an effort to settle the differences and settling of accounts between the Parties assembled, something that did not happen in either case, there is no settlement is not achieved liquidation unattainable.

National Alliance in severe trouble for some time, and the meeting of Karbala rose from this impasse and widened the gap in between the limbs (Return to Muqtada al-Sadr statement which repudiated it from the statement of the meeting and talked about "Hla and gouge") ..

The consequences of this impasse in the new phase could be serious, reform demanded by the majority of the people, and Tmhoudh support most of the political forces, including the coalition forces, often falsely, that can not be achieved under the division of this depth and the intensity inside the largest parliamentary bloc and the government. The absence of any reference to the appearance of a mistake in recognition of what has already closed all the horizon in the face of the process of change and reform required, and thus prevent the country's recovery situations ailing extent perdition .. and explosion.

What is the solution?

It 's very simple, but the problem that is affordable .. The solution is recognized by the National Alliance and other partners in the ruling that they had failed to run the country and that the formula they have set management (quotas) did not justify itself on any day, and the experimenter base do not try , they Evshon in the field to others to try, albeit partial participation of them.

This is the solution .. it requires, to have already been carried out , an abdication of the National Alliance and its partners for selfish destructive.
is this affordable?

I do not think, I do not see, I do not think .. I have no illusions.

Adnan Hussein