Tamimi: central policy of selling the dollar serving and corrupt bank reserves reached $ 50 billion

08-03-2016 03:20 PM

He described the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi of the Central Bank's policy to sell currency through the auction serves as corrupt, demanding the governor of the bank develop mechanisms contribute to the control of this auction

Al-Tamimi said that what goes into the oil imports go to auction currency the central bank, which sells more of them, pointing out that to continue in this policy is Winning is a service of the corrupt.

Tamimi added that the Finance Committee plans to host the central bank governor on the Keywords with other parties to discuss this topic

She drew Tamimi that the amount of central bank dollar reserves, according to the bank is fifty-nine billion dollars, indicating that this amount is incorrect and illogical because there is a continuing sales of the bank.

As it pointed out that the remaining reserves of the central bank could be up to fifty billion dollars

This is called Tamimi, governor of the central bank's control over the auction of the currency, especially as the sales of hard currency for traders is not commensurate with the country enters commercial goods.