President of the Court of Cassation acknowledges: breach of the Constitution itself

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BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest
High Court of Cassation head of Zidane, on Tuesday, revealed that the Iraqi constitution itself a breach of the presence at the intersection of materials, adding that some politicians tried to block the vote on the amendment of its paragraphs to purely personal reasons.

Zidane said in an interview seen by "Sky Press," We we stressed the need to vote on the judicial offices in the House of Representatives, specifically to be Article 91 / II of the Constitution, which restricts the appointment of judges in the judicial offices mission House a president and members of the Appellate Court and the chief prosecutor and head of judicial oversight body. "

He added that "the Constitution breach itself when it states in article 19 that the judiciary is independent and no power of the law, while Article constitute 91 / II of the Constitution, a violation of this independence and this is what we saw during the audit period in the House of Representatives, where a small section of politicians tried to obstruct Yes vote for purely personal reasons. "

He noted that the "chosen president of the Court of Cassation is to respect the will of the judiciary to nominate whoever he sees fit for the job in a way draws Likes testimony of most of the members Alnoanb Council, especially as voter turnout did not get it any former official," noting that "this additional responsibility upon me to do more and be the expectations of the people's confidence expressed by the representatives of the board of Representatives. "

The House of Representatives voted on February 6, 2016 to take over the high-Judge Zaidan Khalaf slave president of the Federal Cassation Court.