Rafidain Bank holds board retirement delay in providing financial cover to the Rasheed Bank

08/03/2016 9:48

{Baghdad} Euphrates News download Rafidain Bank, on Tuesday, delaying pensions to public pension board responsible for clearing checks to beneficiaries and to provide financial cover to the Rasheed Bank, which converts amounts to Rafidain Bank.

A statement of the bank and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the day, he was "referring to the press , which was published in the media , the news about the delay in the salaries of retirees with the Rafidain Bank and instructed reason to the Board of retirement and Rasheed Bank by Rafidain administration." He explained that " the board of public pension liberation instruments retirees and statements of the bank Rafidain and Rasheed , and is contacted banks by the competent authority for the purpose of receiving and payment to beneficiaries and our bank is keen to follow up the receipt and exchange until late at night and on the same day in cooperation with the authority taking into account the need for retirees to their salaries. " he noted that" There is no truth to what was received from the statement not to provide financial cover nothing to do with the Rasheed Bank to do so. " the committee and the defense of parliamentary security, accused earlier, Rafidain Bank intentionally delaying the military pensions under false pretenses, uncertain availability of funds. the military pensions are disbursed every two months, where they are receiving the salaries of the Rafidain Bank through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces.