Labour calls on foreign investors to support the development of the private sector in Iraq strategy

Tuesday 03/08/2016 7:06

Iraq today
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, several proposals, to be presented in the Iraqi Council meetings - US Trade and Investment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce .lsan ministry Alsm- Ammar Menem, found that the position deserves greater details, read the "
The Ministry of Labour, raised its proposals regarding the Iraqi council meetings - US trade and investment to the Ministry of Commerce, in order posed by the US side at the next meeting ", and those proposals, disclosed Menem:" The proposals, addressed Joinba several, including the linking of trade and foreign direct investment growth employment in the economic sectors, and also to support small and medium enterprises, to enhance the national capacity to grow and create opportunities, "either what provided by the ministry of the proposals, they point us Menem:" the Ministry of Labour, I proposed the strengthening of social responsibility for foreign companies, including the uS, to implement social programs service, support for the goals of the Ministry of Labour, as well as have been proposed expansion of investment in vocational training, technical education, to support the national system, to raise the professional and technical competencies ", and the most important thing has been proposed:" the proposal to strengthen the Iraqi social protection system, and encourage foreign companies to join security Fund, and to secure a safe environment, as well as taking into account the coordination between the axes and inflation, "and what parallels this proposal prominent importance:" The importance of running 50% of the Iraqi employment projects handled by foreign companies, "and other proposals, that can be described Palmstqublah, said Menem: "the Ministry of Labour, raised among its proposals, to be foreign investment companies, active participation in the development of infrastructure in Iraq, Ktoled electrical energy, and support the creation or rehabilitation of social and health centers," and left Menem talking to a close, reminding us of the following: " the ministry called for the proposals to support the strategic development of the private sector in Iraq. "