Parliament internal system suffers from schizophrenia !!

Tuesday 03/08/2016 7:07

Tariq Harb
legal expert
Parliament announced on 03.06.2016, to form a committee behavior of Representatives, and the day before, declared the parliamentary code of conduct, and it was necessary to Parliament voted to amend the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, which set the Parliamentary Standing Committees,
And then vote on the amendment of Article (70) of the rules of procedure of Parliament, published in the Official Gazette number (4032) at the 02/05/2006, adding the committee to conduct parliamentary standing committees mentioned in this article, as long as the task of this Committee a permanent task, being a track and monitor the behavior of members of parliament, during their parliamentary term, and for the duration of the election period, either for the measures to be taken against the MP who does not adhere to conduct parliamentary required, which is stated in the code of Conduct announced by the parliament, it was necessary to have its place by law No. (49) for the year 2007, which amended the replacement of members of the House of Representatives law No. (6) for the year 2006, where select this law, cases of membership of many MP is finished, Kalastqalh and disease, including the case of the dismissal of Attorney, if exceeded absences, without a legitimate excuse, more than a third of parliamentary sessions sum of the legislative term one .. any four-month period prescribed by the rules of procedure, such as the separation legislative, and have it to amend this law and voted on in parliament, because the new code of conduct announced by the parliament, which includes sanctions against MP in many conditions Kaltbarhat advertising and absences.
This confirms that the term (the Code), which MEMRI newly Parliament, in line with the organizations of the (NGO) or with the media or with a political party or other organizations, but it is never correct, and the position of Parliament Alozky and place top, so that the term (blog) does not finds him mainly in the hierarchy .. in the Iraqi legal system, which starts in the Constitution, then the law, then the system then decree and decision, instructions and orders, and there is no term (the Code) in our legal system, which seems to be the people of the law in parliament, do not know Famous Allowadhat and women axioms in the Iraqi legal system, so came the term offbeat and weird on the Iraqi legal system, a term (the code) and peace on the rules of procedure of the Council of the Royal Iraqi parliament .. and who devoted the last part of it disciplinary sanctions that could be imposed against the House of Representatives when they violated the rules and rituals and traditions of parliamentary work and it was on the parliament to comply with this procedure, and not to distribute such matter between law and order and a blog.