Allkash carries Dawa party responsibility "derail" the Shiite project to build a modern state

2016-03-07 22:18:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Download MP for the citizen 's parliamentary bloc Mohammed Allkash, on Monday, the Dawa Party , the responsibility of "spoiling" the Shiites in the project to build a modern state of civilization, while the detection of "capture" of the party and a coalition of state law , 90% of government positions and independent bodies.

He Allkash Speaking to the program " a quarter of an hour , " which aired Sumerian, " The Dawa party bears the legal, moral and historical responsibility for the failure of the project to follow the Ahl al- Bayt (AS) in building a modern and civilized country , " and accused Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to "try distracting the street to buy time until the end of its current session. "