Haider al-Abadi reason to do a "real revolution" and the overthrow of the head of the corruption of the highest state


Haider al-Abadi

Roudao - Erbil

He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "a real revolution against corruption and grand opening files of corruption."

A statement by his office seen by Erwoodtau Media Network, said the al-Abadi said during his presidency of the Supreme Council meeting of anti-corruption, "we will be able to eliminate the corrupt and should not fear them and we start the top of the head of the corruption in the state regardless of his position or his party," and called for "a real revolution against corruption and the opening of major corruption files. "

He added Abadi, according to the statement, that "the important role of the Council during this period in order to prosecute the corrupt and we will provide all the support we have," noting "the importance of the corrupt to feel intimidated by the presence of hand hanging over him and those Stjdonhm weak as we stood together."

He called on the prime minister to "disclose all funds and prosecute corrupt", referring to "the importance of these procedures that are going to build a state on the basis of sound."