Jubouri draft general amnesty law includes a re-investigation and trial


The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, that the draft of the amnesty law, which recently announced the agreed upon include the re-investigation and trial for those who claimed he had been tortured.
Jubouri said during the panel discussion held by the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament under the title «the role of the legislature and national institutions and civil society organizations», in monitoring the implementation of recommendations of the Committee against Torture and other cruel treatment, that «During these days of the Legal Committee is drafting an amnesty law the year that is about to approve in the coming days after putting the finishing touches to it, as proposed in this law paragraph re-investigation and trial for each of the claimed exposure to torture to extract confessions and filed a request in this regard. »
Jubouri added that «the House of Representatives specifically for the Commission on Human Rights at its previous sessions worked during this session to the performance of the authorities concerning the work of human rights on the face of control seeks to narrow down all opportunities violations against to ensure justice to the face that is in harmony with the orientations of the laws in force and the recommendations of international committees Detainees ,., specifically those engaged in Iraq and agreements signed by »
Jubouri said that «the House of Representatives and stand with the judiciary will take all means to accountability and punishment of the involvement of these violations through exercise or encouraging them or accept them.»
He revealed al-Jubouri on Iraq's accession to the «International Convention Against Torture, which is a clear reference to the involvement of Iraq in this humanitarian and legal context, it has been the reputation of Iraq's legal to further deterioration due to the former regime's policies and images of torture pursued, and it is reasonable to croaking upon this approach and then go back to like him. »
He called on everyone «to work with us to contain and confront abuses that followed the terrorist organizations, particularly the organization Daash terrorist, and exercised by this organization offender against detainees has or who live in areas controlled by the better-than-end visualization varied awfully through the Management of Savagery pursued by this criminal entity in a way reflect the latent hatred of humanity. »
He «through the methods of torture prior to execution Kalagrac and arson and the slaughter and mass torture, and killings and spread terror and other dirty methods published on social networking sites and promoting them, and we believe that the international community is required to support Iraq in this historic confrontation».
In this context, he stressed the head of the Human Rights Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Arshad Salhi, in a press statement that «the amnesty law has become a key focus of civil and community for peace in Iraq, especially that this law had been agreed upon by the drafted and read it during the last session but political differences remain a barrier to adoption. »
Salehi added that «the importance of law and political situation convulsive make it enters the political Baltjazbat and too late, but ultimately it will vote and be approved after the political consensus and the presence of nearly two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives happened with the passing of the bill allowing a majority vote.
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