Integrity Commission: the elimination of the accused punished graft 90 days until a judgment against him

March 7, 2016 15:36

Integrity Commission: Eliminate accused of graft 90 days even watching a judgment against him
BAGHDAD - Baghdad News Integrity Commission announced on Monday that the judiciary is watching accused of graft 90 days until a judgment against him, and that some of the defendants claim that there was no case against them to mislead the public opinion because they are under surveillance.
The Commission said in a statement Baghdadi News received a copy of it, that "the inflation of money and graft file forwarded by them to justice in the case of inflation is not justified in taxpayers funds to disclose their financial interests, (increase is not commensurate with the normal resources), as stipulated in Article 18 of the Organization Law in force. "
He explained that "the law grants the taxpayer in this file specifically deadline of 90 days to prove the legality of the sources of his money," pointing out that "the judiciary during the ninety-day period that remains in the case of stalking and not in the case of government, even if that ended in duration and could not the taxpayer to prove the legality of the source of funds We need to eliminate the right of issuance of the decision-designate on the basis of articles (19.20) from the Commission in force No. 30 of 2011 Act and other laws in force or discharge his name. "
The statement pointed out that "the attention of the public eye to the attempts by some to exploit this information, which may be unknown to the public, to try to deception and illusion that the judiciary has not issued warrants for the arrest or bring against them, or the view of the others of their claim to the lack of lawsuits against them."
And the statement that "the body case forwarded inflation Money files graft to the judiciary with the task has ended the rule of law, to keep those files in the custody of the judiciary that lurks Bamahalin him a period of ninety days to be issued after the decisions it deems appropriate against them on the basis of Article 19 and Article 20 of the Law body force No. 30 of 2011 and other laws in force. "
It is noteworthy that Article 19 of the Integrity influential body refers to the body lifted an order of attributed to gain unlawful to an investigating judge, who resides in charge within the competence of spatial law, to consider the assignment to prove a legitimate increase that appeared in money or in the money Wife or Amul sources one of his children his subordinates during the period specified that at least five (90) days.
As Article 20 thereof on each of the failure or inability, after the assignment of investigating judge, to prove to increase the legitimate sources in money or money spouse or children belonging to him, including not commensurate with their resources punishable by imprisonment and a fine equal to the value of the graft or one of these penalties and the confiscation Illegal earning. Taking into account the penalties provided for in the laws in force.