Deputy: Abadi will address blocks independent candidacy in cabinet reshuffle

Vice said the Kurdish movement for change, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi plans to address the political blocs to nominate independent names in the cabinet reshuffle."
The MP Serwa Abdul Wahid told all of Iraq [where] that "al-Abadi discussed during his meeting with leaders of the Kurdish blocs yesterday disagreement between Baghdad and Arbil, and the need to find mechanisms to solve them as well as the claim of the Kurdistan region to export oil through the [SOMO] until the agreement between the two sides runs and region welcomed this idea. "
She added, "As for the cabinet reshuffle Abadi said during the meeting that he will address all the political blocs to send separate names, one of the choice of professionals and talented ones."
She said Abdul Wahid said, "The prime minister also discussed the internal problems in the region and stressed the need to solve them because they affect the reputation of Iraq."
She continued, "We as a bloc supporters change of prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle and that he must be comprehensive and not selective," pointing out that "the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khosro Goran, said during the meeting that a delegation from the province has prepared to visit Baghdad to resolve differences between the two sides."
And the holding of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday held a meeting with leaders of the Kurdish blocs and parliamentary reforms which sought ministerial and change file.
Said Jemaah Islamiah Bloc chairman Ahmed Haji Rashid, who attended the meeting said Abadi "and agreed to grant share of the Kurds in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle and he would launch an initiative to bring out the Kurdistan region and help from the financial crisis."