Abadi discuss with the leaders of the Kurdish blocs Erbil relationship with the ministerial change

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with leaders of the Kurdish blocs and parliamentary reforms ministerial file and change.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Abadi was held yesterday evening, "a meeting with the leaders of the Kurdish blocs parliamentary During the meeting, they discussed political, security and economic situation in the country and move forward with the implementation of reforms and communication between the center and the region and to discuss the cabinet reshuffle expected."
The MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Kawa Muhammad's [where] yesterday, "We will look to meet with the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil in the oil file and budget of the Kurdistan region and the ministerial change and the salaries of the Peshmerga Prime Minister."
"The Snellgh [Abadi] Save rights components in the cabinet reshuffle by 20% of the government."