Tehran supports Abadi in the cabinet reshuffle and exacerbated differences between al-Sadr and Soleimani

revealed Iraqi political leaders within the "National Alliance" in Baghdad, the arrival of the sharp differences between the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr and the leader of "Qods Force" of Iran, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a climax, with the first request , through intermediaries, to Soleimani "non -interference and to leave Iraq to its people."According to sources of the Sadrist movement 'spolitical bureau in Baghdad, " the real differences and is traded on the street is true." The sources indicate that " the differences between al - Sadr and Soleimani return to pre - edit processof Tikrit last year, as the second charge overseeing the popular crowd. Sadr accuses both Soleimani and leader of the crowd, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, intentionally weakened the efforts of elements of Saraya peace (Sadr's) and marginalization in both male "accomplishments" achieved on the ground against al Daash or the issue of salaries of membersof the brigades and their rights are paid by the government. The same sources added that "the arrival of the chest, to Baghdad, and his anti-government demonstrations Haider al - Abadi and rejected by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi reform , which he describes Baltrqiei plan, exacerbated the differences between the two sides." Sources of the Sadrist movement and asserts that "Soleimani told the coalition backing Tehran to Ebadi, has also taken a seriesof steps to convince the rest of the coalition blocs that were rejecting the steps head of the reformist government, which led tothe declaration blocks provide the resignations of their ministers of Ebadi with the exception of al- Sadr , who declined a request Soleimani to stop the demonstrations and support Abadi, "he said. The relay is close to the leader of the Sadrist sources, saying , "We know that al - Abadi currently post the crowd in Mosul, and re - engineer the office, and the freezing of the decision lay off 30 percent of the crowd comes in response Soleimani for applications that support contrast to the coalition blocs in the political project to change the government." It turns out that Soleimani request, last Thursday, of the chest through the Iraqi figures sent to him, to stop the demonstrations, and stop opposing the consensus of the National Alliance blocks, which was rejected by the chest, and brought a strongly worded message to Soleimani include sharp phrases and asked him "not to intervene and to leave Iraq to its people . " , according to these sources. In this context, he asked the leader of the Sadrist movement, Diaa al - Asadi, whether the demonstrations took place in Tehran until he was pleased or not accepted by Soleimani? Asadi He continues that " the case is not about Iran , but Iraq, and demonstrations demands of the masses. While it was not satisfied it is not right. This coincides with leaks statement issued attacked it, the National Alliance, describing it as " the national offset." Sadr said in his statement, "All love and loyalty and gratitude to those who demonstrated in front of the doors of the red zone (green) handin hand with the heroine of the Iraqi security forces.

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