Sudan: National product adoption while gradually achieve self-sufficiency

2016/3/7 9:41

Sudan: National product adoption while gradually achieve self-sufficiency
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed estrus Sudan, said the ministry's strategy to rely on the national product in the form of stages until access to self-sufficiency.
A statement from the ministry, agency {Euphrates News received} a copy of it from Sudanese, during his visit to the Sugar Union plant and plant next to it in the province of Babylon, edible oil, to say, "The National product support at this stage is a national duty and an important contribution to the development of the Iraqi private sector It provides funds needed by Iraq in light of the difficult economic crisis in the region and the world as a result of lower oil prices to a low levels. "
He added that "the laboratory is an Iraqi pride and represent a national effort distinctive gives us the opportunity to make important decisions based entirely on the national product in the processing and supplement the ration card items, as well as to contribute to the operation of large numbers of young people in the framework of this project would contribute to tackling unemployment and containment of unemployed youth for work, as well as the fact that these plants represent an optimal experience of German companies in them. "
Sudan and pointed out that "the existence of this plant opens the door to new production projects to the private sector in other materials such as cooking oil and flour manufacture zero, as well as for increasing the cultivation of the crop of wheat and rice," stressing that "the Ministry of future trade strategy based on national product support entirely and rely on national industries and the shape of the stages leading to self-sufficiency. "
He pointed out that "what he saw in the ongoing work to create an oil plant, which is as important as the sugar factory as plugging the actual need for the ration card which is an important addition to achieving our goal of inventory processing ration card items through the national product, and it continues to build these plants operations and overcome obstacles so as to contribute in accomplished quickly. "
He continued that "the Ministry of Commerce signed a contract with the Sugar Union laboratory to ensure the full need for sugar amounting to more than 800 thousand tons per year," noting that "this has been the completion of the process of supplying this article through its global companies rely on national production through this lab experiment past months confirmed the success of the new mechanisms and ensure the delivery of material rapidly to the citizen. " is over