Financial chain in Iraq .. lavish disparity between the top and bottom of most professions "miserable"

2016-03-07 18:34:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

With the worsening financial crisis in the country, entrenched inequality of salaries and wages with the scarcity of jobs, as workers consistently carry the number wearing clothes simple and sit with their peers, in search of livelihood, and others walking with bags includes fraught with special tools for wiring sewage and walking around or standing on the sidewalks, in the hope to earn some money.

Is an unusual sight in most of Iraq 's provinces, most wage earners and workers, suffer from low wages and lament the stagnation of the labor market, along with varying Iraqis income which can not be with him comparison, at a time when the Ministry of Planning talking about the arrival of the average Iraqi per capita income to about seven million dinars annually , about six thousand dollars.

Preached in the bottom of the financial chain

Wissam Majid (40 years), lays open sewers on hand tools and sits quiet put squatted on the road in a pool of workers under the sun 's rays, says "Alsumaria News", "Our work is limited to the area that only we operate," a reference to the privations the case experienced by the lack of opportunities that comes to him.

He adds Majid, "Sometimes we stay for a month without Atbanna one and sometimes twice per day , " explaining that "Ojrthm ranging from 5 - thousand dinars (about four dollars) - 30 thousand dinars (about $ 20)", according to the closing Type who treated him in the sewers and the difficulty they face.

Majid explains, "Many believe that our work is simple, while a person can not Todath, because we are dealing with sewage and dirt, and often homeowners away from us and we are working."

In Karrada in central Baghdad , the movement fizzled Mohammad Qasim (30 years), when he lived in job applications in the operating and rental of construction number where he works office, he took Qasim rampage in anticipation of the road sits Perhaps the luck he gets by customer, while smoking a cigarette.

Kassem, is a pigment , an activist and a lot of experience in his field, but the worst fear is teetering jobs being salaried daily and not leaving the work for a long time means it will face trouble paying his rent and secure a living for his family of four.

Explains Qasim, that " the profession of pigment difficult, because it requires great effort and ending with the cataclysmic throughout the work day , " noting that "factor in this profession gets 30 thousand dinars a day not on the work, while the captain , who called (Osta) earns 50 thousand dinars, (about $ 35). "

Qasim also points out that "required to pay 400 thousand dinars a month to rent the house, about ($ 325, and his wife , a housewife, and there is no Ward else has , " while referring to that he faces a serious problem in the case lasted for days without work.

Confirms Qasim saying, " The problem is that our work is not always, so that I get it during one month is not enough to even rent , " explaining that "it is obliged in most cases , to borrow from the employer to stroll its affairs."

Not far away sits Saad cream offers (22 years), while caressed his fingers dye shoe brush and singing voice is acceptable to perhaps draw the attention of the customer, he says in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "incoming his career is hardly equivalent to concerned with, " noting that " the bulk of what it gets five thousand dinars a day does not exceed. "

Explains cream, he "left school at an early age after his father 's death, there is no way for him.

20 million people make a living on government

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul - Zahra al - Hindawi, paint a rosy picture of the situation in Iraq salaries.

Explains Hindawi Speaking Alsumaria News's, " The number of employees in the state totaled four million and 500 thousand people, and therefore , when we calculate that a person whom may support his five individuals within the family, means that there are 20 million people living on the government , " noting that " the average the salary received by the employee ranges between 300-750 thousand dinars a month, "which is equivalent to (250 - 600 USD).

Hindawi adds, that " the average per capita income is currently in Iraq reached 6 thousand dollars a year , or about 7 million dinars , " noting that "this is due to the division of GDP by the population."

For his part , Mohammed al - Azzawi said the Information Office of the Ministry of Labour in an interview with Alsumaria's News, " The ministry began the Social Security Act , all companies and shops and dealers , " noting that " the ministry has forced employers to review the ministry for the purpose of entering all their workers social security law."

Confirms al - Azzawi, that "any employer who can not get a work permit from any state institution without a review of the social security department."

Natural variation

Durgham economist Muhammad Ali is a wage disparity "is normal in all societies , " according to the nature of the work and the effort involved and the nature of working experience and point of employment and the need for a social experience.

Mohamed says in an interview with Alsumaria's News, " The wages are usually too big for doctors and retracts and declining significantly for cleaners and almost up to zero for workers in some private hospitals that depend Aamiloha a gratuity , " explaining that "this disparity is linked Btiah work and the level of demand upon the size of the competition. "

Shows Mohammed, that " the work that his effort is less and news of increased competition it needs, and therefore less wages, and the greater the jurisdiction scarcity and the need for experience and certificates rose by socially demand increased wages so are present in all societies of the world state nor the advantage of all of Iraqi society."

And confirms Muhammad, that "wage level of variation is normal in the labor market between skilled and unskilled labor, which are set strata of society with the calculation of unemployment that form a pyramid minimum wages that could reach zero rates."

According to a report prepared by Alsumaria News, doctors category are the most paid in Iraq, ranging Previewed doctor per person between 15 ($ 12) - 50 thousand dinars ($ 40), and often determine the price according to the competence and fame.

And reach some doctors wage per day to more than four million dinars a day (about US $ 3,200), that with the exception of doctors who have clinics contain laboratories analysis and other sonar and to heal, and sometimes forced auditors to some doctors wait for more than six hours to Ihzawa inspection, others the other forced to book an appointment up for more than a month, due to the large number of auditors.

The daily wage employees working in various government departments and who receive monthly payments do not exceed at best 250 thousand dinars , about $ 200 a month, often demonstrating in Baghdad and other provinces to demand by paying their salaries which have not Atzlmoha several months ago, while demanding redress and turning them on landlords Permanent.