National Alliance submit a proposal to pass the Federal Court Act

Political Since 03.07.2016 at 11:52 (Baghdad time)

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Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday that the National Alliance made a special proposal to pass the Federal Court Act requires the adoption of a mechanism "absolute majority" as an alternative to paragraph "consensus" to the question of decision-making inside the court.

A member of the legal committee for high Nassif / balances News /, said that "all the paragraphs of the Federal Court Act agreed fully, but one article which is worn on the decision by the court."

She Nassif that "the Kurdish groups to require that the issuance of the decision by the Federal Court process is subject to the approval of" unanimously, "pointing out that" this will delay a lot of important decisions in the work of the state. "

She Nassif that "the Kurds are trying their condition through this" impossibility "fair decisions issued by the Federal Court against them," she said, "responded a number of deputies from coalition forces with them."

He pointed out that "the National Alliance made a special proposal to the adoption of" unanimous consent "with the possibility of adopting the approval of" majority "in the absence of unanimous consent on any of the court's decisions."

He was a member of the parliamentary legal committee may sound Shawki between the parliament speaker Salim al hinders the inclusion of a legal amnesty and the Court on the parliament's agenda for the day on Sunday. is over

By: Ahmed Zmim