Holiness is not the constitution !!

Dated: 03/07/2016 Monday 7:33

Tariq Harb
legal expert
At a seminar reported in the media, on 03.05.2016, the audience of parliamentarians, politicians and lawyers came out, the outcome certain, is a difference of interpretation of the Constitution, and the presence of flaws in it, and must be amended, and if that's to say who confiscated the required door, the difference in the interpretation of constitutional provisions,
Not a ratio or constitutional Awarh, as evidenced by the emergence of the Islamic doctrines of the front Ohnav and Hoaf and Mwalk and Zaydi and virtual and Ibadhi, and other Islamic schools, because of the difference in interpretation of the holy book, the Hadith, and that the amendment is normal, as evidenced by receipt in the holy book, where he said the Almighty (the copying of verse or Nnasseha distanced fine them or the like). Constitutional deficiencies is normal as well, because Boushima sons of Adam shortages and deficiencies, and writing the constitution, like any human activity, is subject to shortages and mistakes and shortcomings, in addition to the things mentioned earlier, not limited to the Iraqi constitution only, but featured in all the constitutions of the world, including the constitutions of America and Europe, and the lesson as they say is not in word, but in the application of these texts, wisdom says unjust unjust, even if it applied the law of God, so to remedy the constitution this matter, and it is obligatory in Article (142), and must be amended within four months from the date of issue of 2005 and created a general provision for its amendment in Article 126 in cases other than those contained in Article 142, and the amendment in the language, is the calendar .. if money thing, I adjusted, and if Ssuyth, ripen and unbend, and it modified the witnesses .. any recommending as witnesses unbreakable, as a cry from the tendency to one rival, and idiomatically, the amendment of the constitution is the constitutional review, change and swapped deletes in addition, a presentation and delay, so that the principles of the continent (stable) in the legislation, including the Constitution, he does not deny the change provisions change times and things, including the principles and rules and the goals and objectives, subject to Booqatha, what works for a time, it may not fit for a time, and bring benefit in place, you may not realize this interest in another place, but do not let go of accidents and incidents and the circumstances and conditions, can not be under control, so let go of rules, provisions and principles contained in the Constitution, the provisions of the Constitution are limited, and the conditions and circumstances are limited, and can not be aware of what is finite and countable of the articles of the constitution, what is unlimited and numberless of the facts and circumstances, and that the Constitution rules are not the rules the court a whole, so you do not unchanged, modify and switch, so if these rules were built on the circumstances and conditions which may be changed, and that had to change the rules of the constitution to change those circumstances, and arise situations arise conditions, need to be regulated constitutionally, for being disorganized, and the circumstances and conditions disappear, already organized constitutionally, and the need for a cancellation of the Constitution .. which may be required, revenue a new provision to the Constitution, or cancel the rule stated in the Constitution, and the authors of the Constitution, no matter how Ottawa of luck and understanding and vigilance and smartness and intelligence to look to the future, and take what should be regulated and writing in the Constitution, it must be that they would miss none of that as it is hard for them to predict what will emerge in the Negotiable days of the circumstances and conditions, you need a constitutional organization, and what proved the case, you may not be fit for the event, and the time course of the shops, and the Constitution has Tlabsa some physical mistakes linguistic mistakes, and the survival of these errors and mistakes may lead to the results and implications, not frequented by the Constitution, whether in names or phrases or terms, as well as the differing statements lead to the different considerations, and the varying names lead to Titles varied and contrasting words entail by contrasting terms, and the old one of them said, "that no one wrote a book in his day, but he said in the gland, if you omit this was the best, though added this would have been nicer, even made this was the best, albeit delayed, this would be advisable, even changed this was informed, even adjusted for this was Odmg "- this is one of the greatest lessons, and the evidence on the takeover of the shortfall on humans sentence, and then the copying and modifying factors, not Bmstnker entry into the modern and the old, and you may need some of the provisions of the Constitution to interpret the form of an amendment, to include this amendment , to clarify what their dogs from the words and complement what Aguetill of texts, and the graduation of a text, and reconcile the contradictory provisions, so that it is reasonable to show the meaning and the accepted rules of the Constitution