A parliamentary agreement to reduce exceptions Act "general amnesty" from 14 to only 4

2016-03-07 01:01:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed reduce exceptions to the general amnesty law from 7 to 4 only after a meeting held with House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , who referred the new amendments to the heads of blocs to obtain their consent before presenting the law to vote in the coming sessions.

The Committee indicated that the new amendments require the formation of committees in all provinces to review the sentences handed down in accordance with Article 4 on condition of terror caused by the killing of a person or the loss of his fate or Alzbbb permanent disability or damaging the institutions of the state.

According to the amendments, those people would be returned prosecuted for their inclusion in the amnesty case provides evidence and clues to the safety of their intentions.

Working the House of Representatives, and the political blocs, since the end of last year on the continuing adjustments to pass a general amnesty law. The political blocs had talked about 14 exception hinder the adoption of the controversial law.

He says Canine Hassan Turan, a member of the parliamentary legal committee, said that " the delay of the amnesty law is not in the interest of any political bloc because it became a requirement by all the components of Iraqi society" and called for political blocs to " the enactment of this law away from their differences."

He said Tauran, told the (range) that " the meeting of the President of the House of Representatives with the Legal Committee, in the presence of judges and legal experts and representatives from the United Nations, which included discussion of the differences that have hindered pass a general amnesty law for the past periods , it was agreed to narrow the exceptions that have prevented the enactment of the law ".

He said the legal committee member , said " The meeting created a breeding ground suitable and some sort of legislation Ahalhalh general amnesty law in the coming sessions , " pointing out that " the conferees agreed to reduce the seven exceptions to Orbahvqt."

On the nature of exceptions, MP Turkmen shows by saying that "exceptions remained constrained in the draft law include murder and accidents that have caused permanent disabilities or finding led to the destruction of the state institutions while fighting Iraqi security forces."

MP Hassan Turan He continues that " the things that are put forward as amendments serious criminal provisions replace a third of the people who spent two Movernmtah fines paid by the guest of the state at a rate of 8 thousand dinars a day." He believed that " the proposal will ease the state expenditures on prisoner by up to 20 thousand dinars a day."

MP calls Turan political blocs to " the fastest pass a general amnesty , which will include thousands of innocent detainees law , " adding that " the law legislation that will serve as the mainstay of activating the national reconciliation among the Iraqi people."

He said a member of the Legal Committee "What we want in the new amendments that are forming committees to resume in each province is reviewing all the courts in order to speed up the pace of judicial files relating to Article 4 of terrorism."

And whether the law will include the required political figures of the Iraqi security authorities, Turan said , "we deal with the legal provisions and not with the people , " stressing that "sentenced by the High Criminal Court are not covered by the law."

Shawki turn properly, the other member of the Legal Committee, says that the recent "completed a draft of the amnesty law and handed over to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives." But it emphasizes the need for terrorism - related cases to the approval of the political blocs before presenting the law to vote parliamentarian.

He explained MP Salim Chawki (range) that " the new amendments included terrorism , which did not cause the killing of a person or the loss of his fate , or suffering permanent disability or did not affect the state institutions," he said . "They can be re - tried and then bringing them amnesty law in the case of availability evidence and clues to the absence of criminal intent ".

Added member bloc citizen said , "Among the controversial issues around the abduction issue where some argue that in the case of the kidnapped death or the loss of his fate or cause permanent disability , it includes amnesty provided civil compromise which was rejected by a large number of MPs who Aaataradoa the buyout amnesty" .

He said the legal committee member , said "civil crimes of murder if it was a concession will be coverage of the amnesty law, and human trafficking are not included, and the crime of embezzlement is linked to coverage of amnesty to return stolen or embezzled funds."

It is expected MP for the coalition of citizen that the House of Representatives will vote on the amnesty law next week.

In turn , says Canine Amin Bakr, a member of the mass change, " The adjustments made ​​to the draft amnesty law awaiting approval by the political blocs , which will meet in order to determine the final Muagaha pass the law or reject."

Baker did not rule out, in an interview with the (range), the inclusion of some politicians convicted of stealing state funds in the event of returned funds, pointing out that "the crime of murder will be covered by the general amnesty law provided a waiver owners of the right."