The remaining time for reform

3/7/2016 0:00

Ibrahim al-Abadi
It may be strange to talk about a specific reform the time, in all the history of religious and political, economic and administrative reform, it is not possible to predict Bmalat reform and its results only after a reasonable time from the practices, applications, and perhaps necessary adjustments, because the reform process is not just a policy imposed from above and comply with the plans and programs , but are episodes of the continued dismantling of structures obsolete policies and consumer and procedures lag and minds of calcified, so witnessing reform administrative reviews and legislation and legal reform processes within the reform itself, including the replacement of executive leadership and the development of visions and policy adjustment, it may take the reform takes no small oscillating results depending on local and regional circumstances and international, so keen political leaders to provide a safe environment for reform and strong promotion of the goals and campaigns to persuade so intense turn into a national project by the majority of the public believes and is convinced by the political class.

Alone in Iraq have become accustomed to disagree on everything, even that is unlikely difference, and addicted to conflict and doubt in every detail, what is going on in the political arena indicates a surge scary at the mechanics of dealing with the reform project, including lead to disastrous consequences for the security and political stability, deposing all the experience and cut the road all rational attempts to deal with the facts.

If reform aimed at political, administrative and economic structure, it should not be considered a political party it against him and prompt him to turn the tables and uses the forces of the street to come out himself from the political class and turn into a popular class calling for reform, and if targeted reform, corruption and the roots and causes of the political and security conditions that produced and Dhaafth , it is not prudent attributed to a class without another load responsibility of the hand and the other acquitted.

Reform aimed at this and that and everyone acceptance of its costs and losses and contribute to make it a success if we accept the maximum its necessity, and as long as we also consider reform last chance to save the country, what is the interest in wasting time and return to appeasement and compromise policies, and allow the political bidding and shuffling things into chaos as the reform? Who can guarantee the political kitchens did not enter the on-line and working day and night so as not to look in some quarters as if the first loser in the reform to resort to Talibe street and sparking turmoil in every corner in order to float itself and get out with minimal losses.

Certainty that there is a reform project for the survival of the Islamic Dawa Party, sitting cross-legged at the head of the executive branch and the political representatives of the person of the prime minister and the reform but aimed at polishing the party's image and remove him from the responsibility of ten years of presiding over the executive branch, and that the reform aims to restore political initiative is to be the leader, while others are waiting for the moment out of the executive leadership of his hand?

Whatever the level and the legitimacy of this thinking, but the downside to this slope in dealing with the issue of reform puts us in front of scary scenarios, this means that there is no goodwill and trust among the parties of the political class in only slight, at least, and that the political conflict has returned to peak, and with every week passes under the critical juncture we have exhausted the time for rational thinking there is no longer a great opportunity waiting for the ministerial change and subsequent actions to him, that is to say the remaining time has become limited and beyond invites us to worry more seriously than ever.