Private banks , proposes the creation of my knowledge center for inventory finance receivables


Baghdad / long - Presse

Proposed Association of private banks, on Saturday, create informative center for inventory finance receivables for the Iraqis, while confirming the need to unify the tax measures between the central and Kurdistan governments to prevent double taxation.
The head of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "The Association held a joint seminar with the General Authority for taxes in the presence of figures from the Central Bank of Iraq and the government and the House of Representatives," stressing "the need to deepen the prospects of bilateral cooperation and the role of the private sector as a partner real in the development process in the country. "
Handal said that "the Association of banks confirmed to hold joint quarterly meetings every three months and an average of four meetings a year to follow up on bilateral cooperation issues with the tax authority interspersed with round-table sessions held first is the end of this week."
Handal said during the seminar, "the need for Iraq to move to international accounting standards especially regarding the work of the General Commission for Taxes", suggesting "the establishment of the center of my information includes data for all Iraqis to confine financial receivables rules."
According to the statement Search conferees "fears of dealing with checks issued by banks, where it was stressed in this area to deal with the banks approved by the Central Bank of Iraq exclusively, according to the latest assessment system (camel) twenty banks for the first initial phase."
The statement continued that "a number of speakers pointed out during the seminar to the need to unify the tax measures and find solutions to the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to prevent double taxation solutions", calling for "the adoption of a unified database between the General Administration of Customs and the General Authority for taxes to avoid the problems that can occur between the two sides. " The phenomenon of corruption, "the biggest challenge" facing Iraq, along with security, since the year 2003, especially the levels reached a level that has led international organizations specialized to the situation in Iraq from among the "most corrupt" countries in the world, as it has led to popular protests successive last of which was pervaded majority provinces since (July 31, 2015) to demand the fight against rampant corruption, and improve services.