Abadi declares near the start of the battle to liberate Fallujah

0603 2016
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the general commander of the armed forces from near the start of the military operation to liberate Fallujah.

He said during a meeting with a delegation of Fallujah residents that the city is a military plans to start the battle to liberate the city of Fallujah has been completed and that the deadline is soon to get rid of the terrorist gang Daash.

We have added assurances successful military plans developed by the commanders in the field, which will begin as soon as the support and the support of the international coalition.

He assured Abadi Fallujah residents that their city will be liberated soon from the terrorist gang Daash.

He announced that the governor of Anbar, the military plans to liberate Fallujah gang Daash taken into consideration to protect the lives of civilians who are being held by the terrorist gang.

The Iraqi war Aviation distributed leaflets to residents of Fallujah promising them near the battle to liberate their city and the expulsion of the ring Daash holding them for more than two years.

Jordan News Agency - Petra (Arabic) 2016