Iraq: 30 thousand troops to restore Mosul

Last Updated: Sunday, 3/6/2016 AD, at 1:00 am local time for the city of Doha

BAGHDAD ( Reuters ) spokesman for the international coalition forces , said Col. Christopher Garver , said 30 thousand Iraqi troops were preparing to attack the city of Mosul in northern Iraq in order to recover from the organization Daash who controlled since June 2014. He Carver that between 8 to 12 Iraqi brigade and two other Kurdish peshmerga " were preparing to retrieve Mosul , there can be no more than ten thousand armed Daash continued to organize."

He explained to reporters in Washington by telephone that the Iraqi military command expects to recoup Mosul , " the end of the year." But he said he is still on the US forces "to put its estimates are the other", and considered the timetable of Iraq " in recognition optimistic."

He pointed out that " the Iraqis are still placed in the preparation of the plan," noting that the US role would be "to support their plan, but we will look for ways to speed up the timetable for military operations." The American officer explained that "militants Daash leaving their families out of Mosul, and paying less for salaries because of their fighters to attack US forces financial institutions to oil."

It was announced earlier in the arrival of about three thousand of the band 15 Iraqi army to the camp drunk actually 90 kilometers southeast of Mosul distance, in the framework of preparations for the process of liberation of the city. In the same context, the commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi said that "military reinforcements represented in the brigade automatic armored and another commando of the eighth band Army regiments from Sunni tribal fighters arrived yesterday to the regions of the acidic and Albuaath east of Ramadi to the international highway."

Mahlawi added that "military reinforcements equipped with all equipment, weapons , and that it would participate in military operations with the band Tenth Army to restore areas and villages in Khalidiya island east of Ramadi al Daash lifting the siege on the beleaguered families."

On the other hand, Iraqi sources reported the deaths of ten Iraqi soldiers and wounding others in an attack to regulate Daash the headquarters of the Iraqi army , northeast of the city of Ramadi in Anbar province, while the city has seen Muqdadiyah raids and arrests.

The sources reported that the attack targeted a military reinforcements yesterday sent Iraqi troops to participate in the restoration of Khalidiya area of operations. In addition, sources in the Iraqi police said that four of the crowd clan were killed in a bomb explosion targeting their vehicle south of Alankur gray area, and two Iraqi soldiers were killed and six wounded by the bombing of the organization Daash barracks area Rumaila near Ramadi.

In the farm east of Fallujah camp, the sources said that an officer and three soldiers were shot by a popular militia leaders of the crowd after a fight broke out between the two sides.