Rafidain Bank glitch latest launch military pensions

03/06/2016 14:10

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced security and defense committee in Parliament Sunday, all hosted by President of the General Authority of retirement to discuss the delay in the launch of military pensions, while suggesting a defect Rafidain Bank caused a delay of the launch of salaries.

The head of the Committee of quitting during hosted by the President of the public pension body Jaleel Ahmed and director of retirement Aeksri team Salman Abdul Zayer of the Committee, said that "the Commission hosted, head of retirement Authority and director of military retirement to find out what went wrong in the salaries of retirees Aeksriyn and civilians delayed," noting that " bugs appeared in the Rafidain Bank. "

He Zamili "the existence of the necessary funds to pay the dues of retired and based on complaints from retirees Committee decided to host those responsible for it," he said, adding that "the Committee also discussed with the Prime retirement Authority and director of the Military Pensions routine procedures between the two circles and work to provide the best solutions to serve military retirees."

The retired military salaries are disbursed every two months, where they are receiving these salaries from Rafidain Bank through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces.