An international report reveals wasted the ministries of oil and millions of dollars in reconstruction

Author: AR, ASJ, HH
Editor: AR, HH

5/3/2016 12:50

Long-Presse / Baghdad
An international watchdog's report on Saturday, wasting millions of dollars in the ministries of oil and Construction and Housing in ten years, while noting the two ministries are working to solve problems with lagging companies to "compromise."

He said the international auditor external audit of ministries in 2014, in a statement issued by the Committee of Financial Experts received (range Press), "The Ministry of Oil and its specifically Midland Refineries Company contracted in 2005 with the Free Company and hydrocarbon the Supply US to implement the complex project to improve gasoline at $ 81382683 dollars and the duration of implementation of 28 a month. "

International auditor said that "the two companies Tlkota in implementation reaching implementation rate of 29.75% until the month of January of 2015, having reached the additional periods granted 58 months has been to increase the contract amount by more than $ 27 million due to higher prices in the markets and although it got Minister agrees to solve the subject consensual, "adding that" the Midland oil company was delayed in all things, including a draft cooling towers, which forced it to give Armada company additional periods of more than 148% of the duration of the contract due to the delay Midland oil company to obtain the results of soil testing the delay in the extension of the permeability of shipping as well as changing the basic schemes in addition to the delay in the opening credits, customs clearance and tax exemption. "

He said the international auditor, that the "oil projects company referred the four projects contain concerns and legal problems and material contracts resulting in a late start to work on projects or suspension of the project, as well as delays in answering correspondence The contract for the design and processing of materials for warehouse Shuaiba where contracted projects the company with the company (GOG ) Jordan on the project in March 2012, but the completion rate was 0% up to check out the project from the Jordanian company in July of 2014, without any action only given a warning, resulting in increased costs and wasting time and effort. "

He revealed the international auditor's report on the "reluctance of the public Ezz in the implementation of its contract with the lines and pipes company processing and installation detecting containers and trucks the site in the month of November 2012 devices at $ 20,527,941,175 Dinara implementation period of 270 days where the completion rate of 50% paid from the amount of the contract 80% so August of 2015, noting that Ezz company did not insure their material processed in the event of an injury or damage. "

With regard to cases of sabotage of oil pipelines noted international auditor to "the existence of 74 cases of sabotage only during the year 2014, repair of $ 16.6 million cost, amounting cost repair the pipes for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 of more than $ 60 million was due to inadequate taken security measures to protect the pipe" .

And on the Ministry of Construction and Housing, revealed the international auditor, for "Notes relating to the contract the establishment of a residential compound in Karbala - Al Jazeera 1, which transmit the Department of Housing where the blue ocean company in October of 2008, and was pulled to work them in the month of April of 2011 and the completion rate did not exceed 14.6% after giving the company more of a chance to raise the percentage of completion in September 2011 referred contract and the decision of the Council of Ministers to the dams company, "explaining that" in spite of the reluctance of the company mentioned in the completion of other projects of the same circle and pull the project Last of them, and the percentage of completion of dams 4% company until June of 2015, however, the Department of housing is working on the topic consensual solution with the company's lagging. "

International auditors stressed that "the same problem handing the workplace is free from concerns repeated with the Ministry of Housing circles has been referred three decades without verifying the readiness of the work site, which led to delays in the implementation of projects," pointing out that "the delay in the completion of projects and not to benefit from the allocations and the difficulty in obtaining their funding in the years 2014 and 2015, led to delays in the completion of four projects have been contracted in the years 2008.2011, 2013 between the percentage of completion between 32.3% and 66.28% up to perform the audit. "

International report noted the presence, "another problem in the Ministry of Housing through the assignment of more than a decade to incompetent companies as referred three decades to Sadu company at $ 153172437550 dinars, and did not fully implemented, although that one of them had been brought in 2008, and referred two decades to agreed company Zora amount 19917800000 dinars, "stressing that" additional periods granted to companies had exceeded in some cases 105% of the duration of the contract because there are mistakes in the designs and bills of quantities in addition to not creating the job site. "

It is noteworthy that Iraq has long occupied the advanced ranks in the global indices of corruption, since corruption is a challenge, "no less a threat" from terrorism faced since 2003, despite the announcement of successive governments to the fight against corruption a priority of its work.