Banks agreed with the General Commission for taxes to simplify procedures

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Baghdad balance news

Iraqi private banks agreed with the General Commission for taxes on the simplification of procedures and mechanisms that support the work of the two sides as well as the emphasis on dealing with cheques issued.

During a symposium held by the Association of private banks, with General authority of taxation in the presence of personalities from the Iraqi Central Bank, the Government and the House of the head of the private banks Association in a statement received by the depositary of the bitter melon/balance news/copy "on the need to deepen bilateral cooperation, and time the cutter as a true partner in the development process in the country."

Bitter melon drew attention to the "Association of banks stressed joint quarterly meetings every three months, at a rate of 4 times a year, to pursue the issues of bilateral cooperation with tax authority, interspersed with first round table sessions this weekend.

And between bitter melon "during the seminar the need for Iraq to move to international accounting standards, in particular with regard to the work of the General Commission for taxes and proposed" the establishment of an information center includes "databases" of all Iraqis lhasaralzemm.

"The meeting touched on to discuss concerns the handling of cheques issued by banks, as it was stressed in this area deal with banks approved by the Central Bank of Iraq exclusively according to the latest assessment by the camel system first banks as an initial stage".

He noted that "a number of speakers during the seminar the need for fiscal consolidation and to find solutions to outstanding problems between the Federal Government and the Government of Kurdistan to prevent double taxation, and the adoption of a consolidated database between public authority llkmark and General Commission for taxes to avoid problems that can occur between the two sides." finished 29/d 24