Sadr calls on foreign embassies to leave the green zone 2016/03/04

A student leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr said Friday, some foreign embassies in the green zone to "silence" or out of the region, and expressed his astonishment of pretending to support people denounced the return of "voice of the people, empathize with the vigil does not work alone.

Sadr said in an address to the demonstrators, the Iraqi people and its lackey (range), that "everyone should comply with the voice of the people both inside the red zone (green) of Iraq politicians or members of his Government or of some foreign embassies and which renounce silence or leave that region particularly called defending the oppressed and I have this".

He said Sadr, addressing the demonstrators "are not you who wants one authority or infringe upon the security of the punishment but had misinterpreted the literature, and wonder all the wonder of people pretended to support out denounce the people's voice".

And between that "protest she stood you've got internal and external sympathy unmatched except ragtag muggers and users however this sympathy does not work alone but everyone reunited for the triumph of the revolution of reform and for the triumph of the revolution of the oppressed and to the triumph of the revolution of the people without a drop of blood is one unless stakeholders provide dolls for your rescue."