Peshmerga foil major ISIS assault west of Mosul, killing 100 militants

By Rudaw 48 minutes ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — In an intense battle between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Islamic State (ISIS) militants west of Mosul on Thursday more than 100 militants were killed.

“We killed 100 militants and all their bodies are left under Peshmerga control,” Majid Sindi, commander of the Zeravani forces west of the Tigris River told Rudaw.

Sindi added that, “ISIS wanted to take the territories of Talafar, Kaske and the Mosul dam,”

According to Peshmerga commander Zaim Ali, more than 400 militants launched an attack on several Peshmerga defense posts in the region that led to an intense confrontation lasting several hours.

Peshmerga officials said today’s attack was one of ISIS’s biggest in a year.

For his part Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani sent a message to the Peshmerga, hailing them for the quick response to the ISIS assault.

“I have infinite thanks to the brave and courageous Peshmerga on all the defense lines. With brave sons like you Kurdistan’s enemies will only see defeat and failure,” Barzani said.

Kurdish commanders on the front said coalition jets played an important role in helping the Peshmerga during the battle.

Territories targeted by ISIS today were initially taken by the group in 2014 but were later expelled by the Kurdish forces.