American institution: Iraq's second-largest contributor to the growth of global oil equipment 2015

March 4, 2016 8:57
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Confirmed American institution, that Iraq was the second largest contributor after the United States, the growth of the global market equipment of oil during 2015, of which four million barrels per day, while showed that Iraq's production rates, including producing from the Kurdistan region, were higher than the rates in 2014 the past, specialists pointed out that the money was the result of increased production did not invest in a scientific manner to develop the infrastructure of the country.
The US Energy Information Administration EIA analysis and statistics, in a report yesterday, I followed (the long-Presse), said that "Iraq was the second largest contributor after the United States, the growth of the global market equipment oil during the past 2015," noting that "Iraq's production rates, including producing from the Kurdistan region, it amounted to about four million barrels per day, higher than the rates in 2014 last up to 700 thousand b / d. "
She said the organization, that "domestic oil consumption has dropped in Iraq a little during 2015, resulting in an increase in exports to the world market," arguing that "the modernization of infrastructure for storage facilities and pumping oil in Iraq's southern fields, and improve the quality of the raw operations source from Basra fields , it contributed significantly to increasing production rates. "
She stressed EIA, that "Iraq began in June 2015 the past, the marketing of Basrah Heavy, which features the traditional other type known ore Basrah Light, who served as Iraq to improve its quality and increase export rates as well as the other product was heavy" .ozkrt institution, that "the biggest five shareholders to flood the world market with oil during the year 2015 the past, they are all from the United States, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Canada. "
For his part, economist said Abbas Ibrahim Bahadli in an interview for the "long", "The increase Iraq's oil production provides great opportunities to increase its revenues and financial imperceptibly as to help maintain the balance of the domestic market."
"The years have seen a surge remarkable increase in oil production as a result of service contracts that define the four rounds of licenses signed by the previous government with foreign companies to develop a number of fields in central and southern Iraq." He Bahadli that "Iraq lacks administration efficient in the funds derived from the sale of oil investment process, and previous experience of successive governments earliest example can be judged through it, where officials accelerated squandering and embezzlement of billions of dollars without positive results are reflected on the lives of citizens."
He said the "transformation of the last two decades have seen some oil-producing countries to investment countries are working on the use of oil money to develop other resources to get rid of the curse of the only source that will control the future of the country in light of the confusion witnessed in the energy markets."
He pointed out that "the financial crisis experienced by the country revealed the extent of the failure of the administrative organs that oil wealth has not invested when it was sold for a barrel of oil at $ 120 a day for up to limits of $ 30."
The Bahadli that "the economic transformations and financial crises that will push the government to reconsider the way the distribution of financial resources in a way help to reduce public spending and to rely progressively on real resources and reduce the administrative structure of the state so as to provide billions of dinars for investment in highly profitable productive sectors."
The Oil Ministry, confirmed on the first of January 2016, that the total Iraqi oil exports in the past in 2015, amounting to one billion and 96 million barrels, indicating that its revenues almost fifty billion dollars.